25 World of Warcraft Tattoos Featuring Most Prominent Toons & Characters

Making video game tattoos is nothing new, and people have been doing it since the time of Super Mario & Tetris, so World of Warcraft is no exception really.

Even though there are numerous WoW tattoos in existence, there are few that pose as a real exception.

Game Skinny has compiled a list of 25 exceptional tattoos, you can find some listed in this post, and the rest following the link at the bottom of this article.

1. Deathwing Tattoo, depicting the famous Cataclysm dragon, inked over whole shoulder area and the arm of a WoW fan.

2. The crest of the Sin’Dorei – the High Elves, a color tattoo inked on the hand of an obvious Silvermoon WoW fan.

3. A ‘Water Color’ Alliance crest inked on a leg. This reminds me of the Nostalrius Vanilla WoW logo, the way colors are divided – red and blue. Sadly, Nostalrius is long gone and if you have been living under the rock, The Elysium Project Gold is now it’s replacement.

We showed you 3 of the 25 list, the rest of the World of Warcraft Tattoos can be seen here:


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